What's the Best Tablet for Credit Card Processing?

Mobile point-of-sale systems (POS)are becoming more and more popular in the UK, as in the world. According to the recent research, 54 million new units are expected to be installed by 2019. Unlike traditional credit card shopping, using a tablet for the POS systemis an advantage for businesses for both sales and inventory management. In this way, businesses gain mobility. It also has an uninterrupted platform. You can take your tablet with you on the go. You can use it at a restaurant to order food or pay at the desk. This provides great convenience for both customers and business owners. In this article, you will find the most suitable tablet options for this application.

Tablet + POS Software Packages

Some tablet POS system manufacturers offer advantageous packages that include a tablet and POS software. If your business is large or prone to growth, you can save money by choosing these packages. However, many companies still do not offer such packages. If you plan to use a tablet-based POS system that does not include tablets, you will need to purchase a separate one. For this situation, mobile POS systems will be the best option. 

Things to Consider 

The most important thing to consider when making your choice is that the software may require a specific operating system for the POS system you choose. Be sure to check all system requirements before purchasing your favorite tablet. 

You can see these varieties below. Each offers individual advantages for different business environments. Therefore, remember to consider your own circumstances when making your choice.

1 – Sony Xperia Tablet Z

With the brightest and brightest display, this model is ideal for outdoor use. If your business is outdoors, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z should be your choice. This model also has a water-resistant design that allows you to use it in the rain. This is a great option when the weather changes unexpectedly.

2 – HTC Google Nexus 9

HTC Google's Nexus 9 tablet is considered to be the best in class in affordable tablets. Because the operating system is fast, it is preferred by many companies. The ideal choice for medium and low budget businesses will be the HTC Google Nexus 9.

3 – Samsung Galaxy Tab Active

Leading in durability, Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is one of the most popular mobile tablets on the market. It is ideal for businesses with high workloads. Another advantage is that it can work with other electronic devices.

4 – Apple iPad Pro

For Apple users, it is very important that all devices are from the same brand, namely Apple. Apple iPad Pro is ideal for those who want to solve the compatibility issue in a snap. This model is from Apple’s commercial tablet line and can run any app in the App Store.

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