Do You Need Credit Card Processing For Your Business?

There is good information taught to all of us during primary school, “Lydians found the money”. People who used the swap method before the money made their payments in cash for a long time with the finding of the money. However, payment systems changed and developed with the use of credit cards, which started to become widespread in the UK in the late 80s.

The Rise of Credit Cards

Today, with the mobile payment systems, consumers are now able to make payments from mobile phones and other mobile smart devices.The number of sites that make purchases with mobile payments and businesses that accept mobile payments in general is increasing. In short, mobile payment systems also contribute to the development of mobile commerce. In particular, the applications that make mobile phones into mobile POS devices are in high demand today.

Why You Need?

It is also possible to scale the benefits of moving from payment to mobile payment systems that provide speed and convenience, from individual to family, from family to community, from society to the entire country. The figures we mentioned before show how serious potential we are talking about. However, for institutions and businesses that are still not convinced, let us bring some clarity. 

Cash payments in the world are being abandoned day by day. No more credit cards in all areas of our lives. So, we are talking about the new technologies that credit cards open rather than their own. Why you need credit card processing for your business? Because mobile payment systems are becoming more and more popular, and the credit cards are indispensable for these systems.

1. Enables credit card usage via mobile

Mobile payment systems eliminate the need to use cash for purchases. It is much more common than you might expect that consumers simply abandon a trade because they do not have cash. This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses working with cash. The institutions, which have activated a mobile payment system that enables credit card payments over mobile, are providing instant cashless payment to their customers. This not only strengthens the customer experience and brand perception, but also ensures that sales opportunities are fully utilized and customers who do not carry cash are not missed.

2. Loyalty programs can be integrated

One of the unique opportunities that mobile payment systems bring is that businesses can easily integrate into their loyalty and reward programs. Customers install the business's mobile application on their mobile devices and start to store the relevant information in the application as soon as they make a purchase or payment through this application. Combining this valuable knowledge pool with an advanced, flexible and customer-oriented loyalty system, the customers of the enterprises will be able to easily track their past purchases, bonuses, prizes, etc., through the application. We all know the contribution of such a perfectly functioning loyalty program to customer experience and sales performance.

3. Check-out times decrease, service quality improves

Self-service solutions, such as kiosks, have already been in business for a while. Thanks to the mobile payment systems, which are more recently placed among these speed-oriented applications, payments are made much faster than cash and credit card purchases. Speed and convenience boost customer experience and increase re-purchase rates. In addition, with the self-service realization of payment processes, businesses can maintain the same high service quality and cut operational costs during peak hours. In this way, they can use their valuable resources to achieve growth in their core business.


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