How to implement 3D secure payment securely?

The number of companies selling their products on the Internet has recently increased considerably. These companies also have many users. The product potentials of these companies are quite high as well. With the increase of e-commerce, the issue of payment security came into prominence. Since customers pay more attention to security while shopping on the Internet, they prefer companies that attach importance to security in e-commerce. This forces companies and banks to make more efforts to improve security in e-commerce.

3D Secure is a system developed to increase security in payments made using a credit card or debit card on the Internet. With 3D Secure, a 3D Securepayment screen is offered by the banks on the user's computer / smartphone / tablet screen. Simultaneously, a confirmation code is sent to the mobile phone number stored in the card holder's bank. If the code received in the mobile phone is not entered and confirmed in the field on the 3D Secure screen, the payment will not be made. With this system, no one other than the cardholder can make the payment.

Benefits of 3D Secure Payment System 

The most important problems faced by companies that accept credit card payments on the Internet are the use of stolen cards or the cancellation of the payment by the bank due to the objection of the credit card owner. However, as the number of payments made with stolen cards increases, banks can cancel the virtual POS devices they allow to use. In addition, virtual POS accounts of companies are stopped, or the bank accounts can be frozen. With 3D Secure, companies can make sure that the user who made the payment is the real cardholder. In this way, the abuse of card transactions is prevented. However, since the cardholder makes the payment by entering the 3D Secure code, she/he cannot object to the banks that he did not make the payment herself/himself. In summary, 3D secure developed by Visa and Mastercard protects both cardholders and companies against fraud.


How to get the 3D Secure System?

In order to register as a user to this system which is more secure and convenient than the old systems, an application must be made to the bank. For this application, it is enough to say that you want to do the 3D Secureregistration process for authorized persons. After this process, the bank will give you a password. You can use this password in your shopping. If you are an e-commerce site owner and would like to use this system, you can contact the banks and specify that you want to use a 3D virtual POS. You can be sure that your bank will provide the best service for you. 

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