How to accept credit card payment in my store?

credit card is a tool that financial institutions can offer to their customers in order to provide their customers with better quality services and to provide shopping for all customers with their credit card machines and to meet their cash needs. In other words, the credit card is an alternative payment type used instead of cash.

The credit cards are a very important means of payment, especially for the economy. Credit cards provide a lot of convenience besides being a means of paymentCredit card is one of the most widely used financial instruments. Before starting to use credit cards, individuals should have an idea about what they will use it for. Otherwise, the credit card, which is used unconsciously, can cause the users to undergo serious debts.

You can make your payments by using your credit card within the limit that your bank defines. In other words, a credit card can be used instead of cash for purchasing and is a method of guarantee payment to the company where the shopping is done. Credit cards can also be used for different purposes. One of them is the option to withdraw cash. When you need cash, you can withdraw cash with your credit card at certain rates. In addition, options such as installment and internet shopping are also available.

Credit Card Types

The credit cardtypes offered by the banks are varied according to their customers. Banks offer this option to both their merchant and individual customers. In addition, a variety of cards are offered to meet the needs of commercial establishments. Therefore, we can classify the card types as two separate categories: individual credit card and merchant credit card.


How to accept credit card payments?

Card and ID information can be found on magnetic tape, chip or similar technological tools on credit card. Electronic devices used for paymentof all kinds of goods and services are called POS machinesPOSis the English abbreviation of Point of Sale. Credit cardtransactions are carried out via POS machinesPOS devicesare connected to a telephone line. The credit card information reaches the bank's information centre via the telephone line. The credit card limit is checked, and the transaction is performed by automatic confirmation or rejection. An expense document is generated by the POS machine. The card number on the customer's copy of this document is not explicitly included. With the Chip & PIN application, the risk of credit card copying, and loss / theft is reduced. Customers can shop by keying their passwords to the POS device. It is also possible to make contactless payments up to a certain limit.

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