How to Solve Merchant Services Credit Card Dispute in UK?

Credit card dispute is a situation wherein a customer paying through card makes a complaint about the transaction. It can be due to a number of reasons: excessive or unauthorized charges, billing errors, failed delivery of goods or services by the merchant, or customer dissatisfaction. 

Indeed, it is a headache for all the parties involved when this happens. If a cardholder raises an error, the merchant services processor will have to provide a chargeback, granted that the dispute is successful. The process of credit card disputes is pretty much the same all over the world, including the UK where countless cashless payments are done every day.

Some disputes can be resolved with proper communication between the merchant and consumer, but there are instances when the issuing bank and card network may need to be involved. The main key of holding disputes and solving them is the availability of supporting documents that strengthen a claim, basically from the cardholder.

There are also UK laws that protect all the parties involved. The cardholder is entitled to file a claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service, should there be failure to settle or a letter of deadlock (seller states that there is nothing more they can do). 

Before the situation turns into an undesirable disagreement and an ugly review, there are ways to solve merchant services credit card dispute in the UK. 



Having the proper documentation ready for any circumstance is good practice for the merchant. There are so many complaints that are resolved as quickly and painlessly because there is concrete evidence that supports or goes against any claim.

Some of these documents include a visible authorization agreement from the consumer that makes the transaction valid. This proves that the buyer has understood and agreed to the sale after reading the limitations of the sale. Customer acknowledgment of the sale is also usually included in the records. 

Most merchant services will aid in the organisation of these records, particularly the payments made using the payment terminals they have set up. Credit card disputes may be solved if the credit card processing company that you have can guarantee a well-kept registry of transactions.


For the cardholder to be satisfied with your service, there is also a need to ensure the quality of the services you provide. Disputes can be solved if the business provides the best quality, and certifies this with the necessary legalities to back it up. Some disputes that involve failure of delivery or damaged goods can be prevented if the seller does their part in preventing these scenarios from happening. 

Quality control is a big issue in any business, whether it be for a physical store or an e-commerce site. It is not enough that you provide services—warranting the quality of your goods and services come a long way to protecting you from disputes and chargebacks.

Merchant services that offer credit card processing can also help solve these disputes by giving quality guarantee themselves. To provide the best services, you must also get the best services from the companies that help you run your business.


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