Does credit card machine need phone line?

Credit card POS device is a concept that is now known by almost everyone. If you have a credit card, all you need to know about the POS is to enter your password at the time of payment and press enter. However, if you are a vendor sitting on the opposite side of the table, there are many details you need to know to be able to provide credit card payment at your workplace. In this article we want to talk about these concepts, credit card POS types and the need for a phone line.

What is POS?

The electronic device used for the purchase of all kinds of goods and services, for the preparation of a credit or cash payment certificate, is called a POS machine, based on the card and identity documents in the magnetic tape or similar technological devices on the credit card or bank card.

POS types

In order to provide credit card payment service, you must first have a bank's POS device. In the UK, POS service has many types of devices as well as many banks. Let's take a look at the POS types in order to understand which POS is suitable for your company, including the ones that do not need a phone line:

Dial-up POS (requires a phone line)

Dial-up POS is the most widely used POS device and is among the Desktop POS solutions. It works by contacting the landline. If you do not have a small number of credit card payment transactions, you can choose this POS type.

ADSL POS (does not require a phone line)

You can save your transaction time and communication cost by taking your payment transactions over the internet with another Desktop POS type ADSL POS. It is preferred in workplaces with high number of transactions and in sectors where speed is important.

A flat fee is charged for the DSL connection. Therefore, when you use ADSL POS, you do not pay extra communication fee for POS transactions regardless of the number of transactions. You can use ADSL POS with your computer at the same time. Even if you do not have a computer, you can apply for ADSL line and use ADSL POS.

Mobile POS (does not require a phone line)

Mobile POS works with GSM and / or GPRS technology. Mobile POS, which does not require power supply (works with rechargeable battery) and supports SIM card, enables you to make your transactions wherever you are, regardless of an office. It is suitable for companies that deliver products to the address and therefore require payment at the door and for companies that have payment applications at the table such as restaurants and cafes.

With GB Payments you can have three different POS machines: Countertop, portable, and mobile card machines. Each offers advantages suitable for different purposes.

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