How to Successfully Spot a Credit Card Skimmer?

Today, credit cards are as common as cash. However, cases of theft and data copying are frequently raised when it comes to credit cards. As in many European countries, there are tens of thousands of people in the United Kingdom who suffer from credit card skimmers. A similar event in the UK today can happen in any country when traveling abroad. Therefore, you should keep in mind how you can secure your bank account and credit cards. In this way, you can secure your card and take precautions against credit card skimming.

How the credit cards are copied?

Research from many sources suggests that bank cards are copied in several different ways. Here you can some types of these.

1) Copying in ATMs

The first way is to place additional device installations that are risky and easy to detect for scammers. In this way, fraudsters place a device of their own in the card entry section of ATMs and when we insert our card in the ATM, our card information is copied. 

Experts say that this method can be easily noticed. They say that we should check the part where we insert or withdraw money before using any ATM, and if we see any unusual parts or devices, we should not insert the card into the ATM. It is also stated that this method used by fraudsters was detected by banks and security experts in a shorter time.

2) Malware Skimming

Unfortunately, we cannot predict and realize the second way the credit card skimmers use. Security experts say that another method that skimmers often use is malware skimming. In this way, fraudsters install malicious software on ATMs and access the card reader system and keypad already present in ATMs to access our bank card and therefore our account information.

Instead of withdrawing all the money in accounts and ATMs to avoid being noticed, skimmers using the credit card skimming method by taking smaller amounts. Thus, they give them much more chance by arousing less suspicion.

How to Spot A Credit Card Skimmer? 

If credit card skimmers often use ATMs to insert devices into the card entry part of the withdrawal, our caution helps us overcome this method.

1. Not Using the ATMs in Suspicious Areas

Not to use ATMs in remote or suspicious areas is among the first measures that can be taken. It is stated that it is safer to use ATMs of bank branches in account control, withdrawal and deposit operations because ATMs in bank branches are under constant control by bank authorities.

2. SMS Verification

Otherwise, you should request an SMS notification if your bank provides it. This will make it easier for us to be notified by SMS and respond to the situation immediately when high consistent transactions occur.

3. Mobile Applications

Thanks to mobile applications and the internet, we can easily follow your account statement at any time without waiting. Continuous monitoring of our bank account movements is among the measures you can take. In such cases of fraud it is important to act quickly. As soon as you notice suspicious transactions in your account, you should contact your bank and request that your bank card be closed.

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