How to Select a Credit Card Machine for Your Business?

Analyzing Your Business

You are running a business and you have to get a credit card machine. The primary step would be to evaluate your business. How fast are you expanding your business? At what rate is it growing? Are you growing too fast or too slow? What kind of a payment system do you need to assist your growth in the most suitable way?

• Do you need to accept only credit cards?

• Do you want to accept cash?

• Do you want to accept tips?

• Do you need a payment gateway to authorize your online business payments?

• Do you need to have a portable card machine?

• Do you want to accept payment in just one location or many?

This will give you a clear idea as to what to want and therefore you will know what you will have to look for while selecting a credit card machine for your business

How does the machine work to enable you to operate your business?

After analyzing your business you will have a clue as to what type of a machine you would want to select according to your needs.

If you have a lot of customers or in a retail business, you might want a machine which is fast and easy to use. Countertop card machine has tough and sleek design taking minimal space and is a reliable terminal for this purpose. If you are running a restaurant, for example, you might want a portable credit card machine which is light as you might want to take your payments to the customer. Portable card machines have a great battery life and serve this purpose well as it need not be charged constantly. If you run a business where you are always on the move like a food truck business, you would not have a fixed telephone or broadband line. In such a case you will need a lightweight, quick and highly reliable credit card machine. Mobile card machines have extraordinary battery life and will serve the purpose well and is highly reliable.

Type of connection

Do you want it connected to your phone line? Or broadband? Or both? Or do you want it to utilize a roaming sim working across all UK networks? Or do you want one which works up to 100m away ideal for small and large premises? We have a machine which will suit your requirement. In the first case, we can provide you with countertop card machine which is suitable for retail shops, salons, cafes, and petrol stations. In the second case, Mobile card machines will suit you best. It is ideal for traders, tradesmen, taxi drivers and many more industries. In the third case, portable card machines which are ideal for restaurant, pubs and bars will assist you best.

What you will be looking for

• You will need a set-up which can be done quickly

• You will need to find a machine that accepts Visa and MasterCard as well

• You will need a machine with long battery life

• You will need to find a provider with a replacement policy

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