How to Choose the Best Travel Agency Merchant Account

A humongous number of people use travel agencies to go abroad annually and this number grows year by year. This leads to an increased need for travel agency merchant accounts. Customers would want a luxury high-value holiday that should be payable by credit or debit card. There are several things to consider before putting your signature on up there. A travel agent can advantage greatly from a travel merchant account.


Why travel is called high risk? The answer is pretty simple. Travel is a very dynamic business and in many cases, a travel agent takes payment as a third-party. A travel agent may charge a customer for a hotel stay, cruise, package, airline ticket and so forth. Any change in the ticket which is sometimes uncontrollable by the merchant, makes the merchant liable for a chargeback.

The volume of card payments you should take

This is one of the principal deals since you’ll decide the right merchant provider for your agency. Pricing will vary from one merchant service to another: there are both flat rates and fixed transaction fee offered by them. You need to decide for yourself about which service will keep your cost at a minimum and you need to think about it in the long run.


High-risk providers consider the risk with the prices of the product that are related to the business. So, you will need to pay higher than what you pay in a standard payment procedure.

Prone to cancellation

Since people can book the tours and trips in advance, they can get cancelled and people may request refunds, cancellations and amendments.

Preference of credit card

When there’s no credit card option offered by the travel merchants, they fall at a disadvantage and might face a lot of revenue loss. Travel industry customers prefer paying with credit cards since they have to spend a lot on the travel services.

Other things to consider

Hence the merchant account of the travel industry should be able to provide reliable high-risk solutions not only to the travel services but also to the travel industry in its entirety. This includes travel services, travel agencies, vacation packages and other high-risk travel companies and businesses. These are the qualities your merchant account should have:

• Comes with credit card payments

• That makes the application process easier, so more approvals can happen within a short time

• That provides competitive terms and rates for travel service merchants that includes also the latest travel startups and businesses

• That offers a solution for the operations of the travel agencies. This can be done online, in person or over the phone.

• The prevention of chargeback services and monitoring the dispute should be reliable

• That helps merchants who don’t have too much of credit score or credit history.

• Which provides smooth and seamless payment experience for your clients, from desktop and mobile all the way to virtual reality payments.

• Which provides a large variety of payment options

• Which has 24/7 customer support

• Flexible payment gateway solutions and quick on-boarding process

• Chargeback prevention management

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