The Best Ways to Utilize Merchant Services for Petrol Stations

Land travel is a preferred method of transportation, and this explains why petrol stations receive so many transactions on a daily basis. Petrol is a basic commodity that’s in demand, and you can surely expect stations to be some of the busiest business out there.

Indeed, traveling by land vehicle shows overwhelming statistics. Take the numbers in Great Britain, for example: an impressive 37.7 million licensed vehicles have been recorder in 2017. This is an applicable reality elsewhere in the world; and this is also why petrol stations are viewed as a booming business worldwide. 

These days, people find it easier to pay for their petrol using a card. Traveling with a lot of cash on hand can be quite burdensome, but having a card to make such transactions has eased this worry. Paying cashless is a trend that spells convenience not only for the consumer, but for the merchant as well.

Here are the best ways to use merchant services if you are an owner of a petrol station.

Credit Card Payment At Pump Processing

As a business owner, you would want to prioritize your client’s convenience. Having a card processing option available can accommodate customers who prefer to pay cashless. It also saves a lot of time for when they need receipts of their purchase. Having a POS equipment for your petrol station paves way for self-service and quick approval for customers who are on-the-go.

Ensuring Pci Compliance

PCI sets the standards for credit card transactions, making sure that security is guaranteed and that payments are prompt and safeguarded from fraud or theft. Merchant services follow strict PCI DSS standards, and are regularly audited by the authorizing body to be able to continue with their services. This would give a good business turnout for your petrol stations, because then the guarantee is extended to you. This will ensure that customers stay loyal to you and seek to do business with you.

Efficient Fleet Card Processing

Fleet card merchant accounts make processing this type of cards fast. Fleet cards are a specific type of cashless payment and rewards system for the frequent traveler. Having one for your business is a definite plus since most of the fleet card owners are jetsetters and can potentially become regular customers, too. 

Purchases And Servicing

If your petrol station offers other services like repair and tuning, or if you have a convenience store (which is the usual structure for petrol stations), having a merchant services account can help you accept cashless payments for these services too. It is always about the convenience that you can offer for your clients, and the fact that you can process credit cards means that they can safely do transactions with you.

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