Airline Merchant Account and Credit Card Processing Services

GB Payments is a UK based credit card processing provider, focusing on high risk merchant accounts, including Airline merchant credit card accounts. Many airlines need to ensure that they are maximizing their payment efficiency and visibility, and with GB Payments, it’s easy to do this effectively.

Airlines are trying to always lower their operating costs whilst in turn increasing the amount of tickets and upgrades along with auxiliary type of products they sell to each passenger. This maybe obvious and standard across all business types, but airlines experience significant daily pressure which alters their seat profitability day by day. How airlines take their payments from their customers is really important. When you decide to set up an airline merchant credit card processing account with us, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Bespoke payment services fixed to Your Airline’s operating model

  • Competitive & flexible pricing models

  • Fast and reliable online and offline payments

  • Multi channel payment methods for direct and indirect distribution channels, on-board Retail and in airport purchases

  • Market leading fraud prevention tools to minimise chargebacks

  • Technology driven reporting

  • 365 24/7Global technical supports.

  • Dynamic currency conversion and 100+ Payment Currencies

We can help you to enjoy the best credit card processing services, build better customer relationships, and find the perfect solutions that are tailored to fit your business.


GB Payments is a UK based merchant account service provider that can help you with all of the services above and more. Established since 2013, we’ve grown to help thousands of businesses save money, grow and become smarter at taking payments.We offer a wide range of payment services for new start-ups and established businesses, from Credit Card Machines to online Payment Gateways and Virtual Terminals.

Airlines worldwide can be confident that GB Payments have a global set of professionals and international banks that can design, implement and support a truly global competitive airline payment solution. Let us make your processing as easy and cost effective as possible. We offer support that’s free, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’d love to become your go-to source for all things credit card processing!